15th Nov 2021

How to Get the Bridgerton Look in Your Home

 How to Get the Bridgerton Look in Your Home

If you’re a fan of the hit series Bridgerton and you’ve fallen in love with the decor used to portray the era in the show - you’re in the right place.

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Why would you want your home to look like something out of the 1800s, you ask? Let us explain. It's kind of like shabby chic. But minus the shabby.

The proper name for it nowadays is Regency core. So, if you loved the look and want to bring a little Bridgerton inspo to your home - you’re not alone.

And no, we’re not glamorising women not having rights, marriage being the only honourable provision, elevating your social standing through needlework, cholera, or corsets. Thank god that’s done and dusted...

So how do you achieve this look? That’s why you’re here, right? Read on to discover how to get the Bridgerton look in your home…

What is Bridgerton?

Bridgerton is a serious hit on Netflix, featuring some very big names (we’re huge fans of Julie Andrews here). Essentially the entire population of the UK tuned in and binge-watched the entire period piece in one sitting. Just us? Oh, ok. Moving on.

It was as if we were taken along to see the unpolished version of what we believe the Regency era to be. The love, the suspense, the drama, the heartbreaks, the intimacy, the gossip. Oh, and how could we forget dreamy Simon.

The classical renditions of today’s pop hits such as Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, and Billie Eilish didn’t go amiss either. Bridgerton is the perfect example of escapist television, and we absolutely loved it. We don’t know about you, but we can’t wait for the next season.


What is the Bridgerton aesthetic?

Bridgerton took their accuracy to the era very seriously, nailing the London Regency era down to the finest of details. With a modern twist and a little zhuzh for our viewing pleasure, of course.

If you look back at the height of the Regency era, it was almost as if the more extravagant and loud your home decor was - the wealthier you appeared to be. It’s a chapter in British history that was defined by these factors, along with social status, elegance, and sophistication. So yes, it actually was quite a bold, colourful, and busy design period.

Think of this as a guide to how you can take all the good home decor parts from the Regency era, without having to incorporate the parts that should definitely stay in the 1800s. Like taxidermy as wall art. Need we say more?

So basically, when we say the Bridgerton look, we don’t mean we want to take your home back to 18th century London. It’s more about finding that balance to achieve a modern interpretation of the Regency look.

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Regency core

One piece of advice we will give you for nailing this look is that whatever you think is bold - it isn’t bold enough. Go big or go home.

If you think of the people from this period, you need to understand that the goal was to essentially showcase that they had wealth - whether they actually did was another story. But that was the overall goal.

Think bold patterns that clash yet match. Pastel colours. Careful symmetry. Bold and gold statement pieces and heavyset drapes. If you’re a die-hard Regency style fan - consider claw foot bathtubs, solid oak furniture, and chandeliers. A vintage-style oil painting of your entire family. Yes, we mean your ancestors as well. But lucky for you, it isn’t necessary to have all of these things to achieve a Regency look in your home.

You can achieve the Regency core look with just a few new furnishings and stylistic additions to your home. So to summarise, what you’re going for is historical glamour.

Symmetry and layout

So, back in the height of the Regency era, it wasn’t favoured (actually super frowned upon) to share spaces for different activities. If you did that, you were poor. Every room, corner, and space had a purpose. Breakfast in bed? Preposterous.

Nowadays, it isn’t uncommon to have open-plan layouts in a home - so adding symmetry where you can, will work just as well.

Here are a few tips we would recommend to achieve Regency inspired symmetry:

  • Try to mirror your furniture - it will make the room appear larger.
  • Keep in mind that the Regency style is all about entertaining guests. Keep it spread out and comfortable.
  • This may sound like a contradiction, but so is clashing wallpaper - consistency is key. Try to think of it as maintaining some sort of order amongst chaos.
  • Purchase tables, sofas, and other household items and furnishings in pairs to achieve continuity throughout a room


There’s nothing that quite hits you in the face as much as gold when it comes to home interior decoration. And those guys from the 1800s knew that. After all, what better way to signify wealth (whether it was for show or not) than gold.

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If you fancy getting super Regency and want to try your hand at some upcycling - visit your local DIY shop and grab some gold spray paint.

Picture Frames Hang on the Wall

You can then use it to spray your picture frames to hang on the wall. It’ll not only give a new lease of life to your former frames, but it’ll also really help to achieve that eccentric Bridgerton vibe to your home.


A great thing about the Regency style is that it embraces a wide range of beautiful patterns - floral being one of them. The use of these rich and detailed designs and patterns will make your interior come together.

There isn’t a set place as to where you should feature floral patterns, but it’s welcomed with Regency core. So, you fancy a set of floral curtains? Go for it. Floral cushions with your Damask wallpaper or curtains? Absolutely. Whatever you think you know about patterns and clashing - forget it.


Following on from floral designs - damask is also an absolute winner when it comes to achieving the Regency look in your home. Damask ironically originates from 14th century France, but it’s pivotal in achieving that British Regency look and feel.

Damask Wallpaper

If you’re feeling super daring and committed to the style, invest in damask wallpaper. Or if you already love your wallpaper, curtains. Cushions. Rugs. Bedding. Literally any soft furnishing. We would recommend just about anything damask when it comes to achieving the Regency core look.

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Heavyset curtains

In the Regency era and in Bridgerton, the use of heavy set curtains was pretty much in every room.

Central heating as we know it didn’t exist back then, so the use of heavy set curtains had a practical as well as aesthetic purpose. But it was also because heavier curtains signified wealth and appeared more expensive in those days.

Nowadays, we aren’t impartial to lighter curtains, but if your heart is set on the Regency style - we recommend a thicker style, such as thermal or black-out curtains. Layering with a light curtain? Even better.

Tassel tie backs

If you had a very keen eye for detail whilst watching Bridgerton, you would’ve spotted the tassel tiebacks on almost every set of curtains. That little detail is very Regency core - as the tassel detail adds a touch of personality and luxury to any set of curtains.

We hope that you’ve enjoyed discovering how you can achieve the Bridgerton look in your home. We offer so many collections that will help you to successfully create this look in your home, so be sure to check out our website for fantastic variety at great prices. 

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