12th Nov 2021

How to Clean Roller Blinds

 How to Clean Roller Blinds

Roller blinds are generally easy to care for, but if something splashes or spills onto them, cleaning the fabric could be trickier than you might think (especially if you give that splash or spill a chance to dry).

Roller blinds get a lot of exposure to direct sunlight, and that light can cause stains to become etched onto the fabric, meaning cleaning them will necessitate much more than a wipe down with a damp cloth.

Roller Blinds Behind Flower Vase

How hard are roller blinds to clean?

Day-to-day cleaning of a roller blind is easy and can be carried out while the blinds are still in place. If you spill or splash something on your blinds that could potentially leave a stain, then you should wipe the fabric down immediately to prevent it from setting.

If the accident happened more than an hour ago, then you might need to clean the blind more thoroughly, which may require removing the blind. The good news is that this is easy to do, once you know how!

Removing a roller blind

To remove the blind from the roller, carefully pull out the roller’s rods, then lift it out at the top. If the roller is screwed into place, you can remove the screws with a standard screwdriver (usually a cross-head). Once you have removed the screws, you can free the roller from the mechanics, and then separate the fabric from the rods and roller.

Can you wash fabric roller blinds?

In short, yes. There are however some considerations you'll need to make. First, the size of your roller blind, the best thing to do is soak it in water water a gentle washing detergent or dish washing liquid as they don't contain harmful chemicals that could affect the colour. 

To do this, you'll likely need a bath tub or large bucket, once it's soaked, use a clean dry cloth to remove excess water and any grime that's been lifted. If you're unable to do this, then spot cleaning is probably a better option.

Cleaning a Roller Blind

To clean the blind:

  • Soak the fabric in a large bowl with a small amount of soapy water.
  • Treat the stain by carefully rubbing the affected area with a soft toothbrush
  • If a mild soap solution proves to be insufficient to remove the stain, then apply a liquid remover such as Vanish to the affected area, and then carefully wash the blind under a hot tap.
  • Leave the blind to soak in warm, soapy water for a while longer. Prod the fabric or stir the water occasionally to stimulate the flow of soap across the stain.
  • Do not put blinds in the washing machine unless it is clearly stated that you can do this.

Spot Cleaning for Stubborn Stains

If the stain is very stubborn, then you may want to try using carpet or sofa cleaning solutions. These are best applied to the fabric when it is dry.

Do not dry your blinds in a tumble dryer, because this could warp or shrink the fabric. Simply remove the fabric from the water and lay it out, unfolded (or hang it, carefully), to air dry.

Some blinds are made from a fabric that is not designed to be washed, and they may become damaged if you soak them or use a strong detergent. For these, use a soft sponge with a solution of mild washing powder and warm (not hot) water, and carefully clean the area that is stained. Be sure to perform a spot test on an inconspicuous area of the blind first, to ensure that the cleaning solution you are using does not cause colours to run.

With proper care, your blinds can last many years. Just remember that the sooner you respond to the stain, the better the chance of removing it. 

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