12th Nov 2021

Do Curtains Have to Be Lined?

 Do Curtains Have to Be Lined?

Curtains are usually – but not always – lined. If you’re buying curtains on a budget you might find that the options within your price range are unlined, and wonder if, and why, lining is necessary. There are actually several reasons we advise choosing lined curtains. 

Curtains linings extend the life of your window treatments

There are several reasons for lining your curtains. Having a plain lining on the site that is exposed to the sun will protect the fabric from becoming faded or sun bleached, and will ensure that the curtains last for as long as possible. This is particularly important with vibrant patterns or more delicate fabrics.

More privacy, better sleep

A curtain lining also offers increased privacy. If your curtains aren’t made of a thick and heavy material then there’s a chance that some light will penetrate the fabric, and this is not ideal. If you want maximum privacy, and if you’re hanging these curtains in your bedroom, a good night’s sleep, then a quality lining is essential.

Show off your fabric designs

If you have curtains made from a very thin fabric, then you may notice that a lining enhances their appearance. By themselves, thin curtains can look floppy and unsubstantial, and no matter how appealing the pattern may be, if it doesn’t hang well, it won’t have the same impact when the curtains are drawn.

Added insulation

If you choose a simple ivory or white backing for your curtains, then from the outside, every window of your home will look the same –clean and uniform. From the inside, each set of curtains will have a richer, deeper appearance. 

As an added benefit, your curtains will offer better insulation, too – keeping your home cooler in the summer, and preventing heat from escaping in the winter. Any form of curtain lining will help with this, but there are specialist thermal lining fabrics that you can use for extra effect.

Do you need curtain linings?

Not all types of curtains need lining. If your curtains are made from very thick, woven wool then they may be heavy enough already. If you have chosen draperies that are sheer by design, like net curtains, then naturally you wouldn’t want to line those.

Thinner cotton or polyester curtains should be lined, however, to stop them looking washed out. Even top treatments can be worth lining, because it will help to extend their life, and stop them fading.

It’s relatively easy to add lining to the back of your curtains. If you have a good sewing machine, you can do it yourself. Alternatively, you can purchase the fabric and then get a local swing/alterations specialist to fit them for you.

If you would prefer not to have to line every set of curtains you own, then using standalone blackout curtains is another option, however this doesn’t look quite as polished, and will not give your thinner fabric curtains the thick, heavy, and “full” appearance that a high quality lining can provide.

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